Ricki Chapman McGlashan ’68 Honors Her Mother with a Gift in Her Will

Photo of Ricki Chapman McGlashan “When I was choosing a college, almost all of my friends were looking only at California schools. But I had the benefit of my mother’s stories of Connecticut College, where she had gone from her home state of Michigan. In those days, my idea of 'east' was Michigan, where I had been many times. Intending to go to Connecticut for just one year to broaden my horizons, I got there and was impressed by the diversity—and in those days diversity meant a girl from a private school in Massachusetts or a farm in Virginia! I got the experience I wanted, so I couldn’t get myself to leave, and I graduated in 1968. I got a fabulous academic and social education, which has always made me feel at home all over the country.

“I have watched Connecticut College do nothing but improve over the years with coeducation, offerings on international studies and work study—with much broader diversity! My husband, who also has an attachment to Conn because of his many visits then, and I agree that there are few institutions positioned to make a more positive impact. I didn’t designate how our gift is to be used because I don’t see the College doing anything I don’t want to foster. From scholarships to an improved library, the needs are real—and it feels great to contribute. I will give our bequest in honor of my mother, Betty Johnson Chapman ’41, who opened these and many other doors for me.”



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