Margaret Yost Ormond Arranges Gift in Her Will for Connecticut College

Photo of Margaret Yost Ormond.Margaret had two young sons at home when she attended Connecticut College. Ormond says the College was “helpful and receptive. Without ample cooperation and financial assistance, I couldn’t have done it.” She has good memories of her professors, socializing with fellow students, and getting coffee at Cro (the student center).

Graduating Connecticut College allowed her to have better career opportunities and a better financial situation. She taught and later became assistant principal in a technical high school system. As a result, she could afford to send her kids to finish their education. Her superior education has also allowed her to enjoy retirement and travel. Margaret visits the College today, marvels at the new buildings, and comes away with a warm, close feeling.

The self-described luckiest woman in the world has included a gift in her will to the College. Her children are grown. She wanted to pay back the goodwill she had received and help someone else the same way she was helped. Margaret’s parents and grandmother taught her that we should “always be grateful, thankful, and pay back.”

She will be forever grateful.



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