Teresa Pechulis Buono '87

Helping future students have an enriching, life-changing, and affordable college experience


Have you ever had the experience where something in your life turned out way better than you expected? That's what happened to me with Connecticut College.

After high school I knew I wanted to go to college, but I also knew I couldn't afford it. My family lived in Waterford, so I planned to commute to Connecticut College to save money. Then the College gave me a scholarship, which allowed me to live on campus. My scholarship enabled me to afford college and then graduate without enormous debt.

Looking back, I can't imagine a better college experience than my time at Connecticut College.

If I had commuted, I would have missed out on being a part of the community and building many friendships. I also had the opportunity to do a work-study program to work in the Career Counseling Office, the Information Office, and the Dean's Office. By the time I graduated, I had the academic experience and the administrative work skills I needed for my first job.

I didn't fully realize it back then, but now I know the reason I had that incredible experience was because of generous people who supported Connecticut College.

I decided it was time for me to give back and help create that amazing college experience for future generations of students. I don't have the means to write a big check at this point in my life, so I was glad to learn about the opportunities to plan a future gift - one that doesn't affect my cash flow or savings but will have a significant impact down the road.

I'm so happy that my gift will help future students have an enriching, life-changing, and affordable college experience like I did.

There are many simple, creative opportunities to make a future gift - from designating a share of your estate to donating a life insurance policy to making the College a beneficiary of your IRA. If you're like me and want to contribute to the success of future students, I encourage you to call Dan Weintraub at 860-439-2416. When I was planning my gift, he helped me understand the basics and gave me the information I needed to decide which gift tool would fit my situation best.

If you've already made a gift, thank you. Please click here to confirm your plans or let the College know about any changes.

Thanks for listening to my story. Go Camels!

Teresa Pechulis Buono, Class of 1987



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