Judith Ammerman ’60

Appreciating the Ability to Never Stop Learning

Ammerman-sm.jpgJudith Ammerman, a math major and teacher, has a special appreciation for her Connecticut College education.

"Connecticut College gave me an excellent education and the ability to never stop learning," said Judy, an emeritus trustee and longtime volunteer. She gives back out of gratitude. "This is an exceptional college with a great faculty and a wonderful atmosphere for learning."

Judy endowed the Center for Arts & Technology because she wanted to reinforce and encourage what the College had begun.

Her gifts have also supported scholarships, internships, and faculty. Students should not be turned away because of financial constraints, she believes.

"I can think of nothing better than to support students' creativity in blending various forms of the arts with technology," she said. "The results that I have seen have been truly unbelievable."



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